• Dear Fellow Waterfowlers,
    Platte River Decoy Company was founded by a couple of recreational duck hunters-probably just like you. We have spent countless hours in the blind swapping stories, bragging about our dogs, and trying to figure out how to attract more ducks into shooting range….By combining a passion for traditional waterfowling and some good old American ingenuity, Platte River Decoy Co. has developed an innovative and affordable decoy system.

    Our decoys are the ideal convergence of ethical decoying and technology. Our decoys help hunters bring ducks in closer providing opportunities for cleaner kills. The Dubba decoy system encourages the birds to finish thru realistic motion.

    Our decoys offer substantial advantages over existing motion decoy products. Most motion decoys have a repetitive action on which ducks can become educated. Ducks are less prone to become decoy shy or flare of the Dubba Decoy system because they mimic actual waterfowl behavior. Ducks will always be attracted to other ducks, and that is just what our decoys simulate.

    As avid waterfowlers we understand the importance of quality gear. We have chosen to manufacture our product in the USA so we can maintain a level of excellence our customers deserve.

    We hope you enjoy using the Dubba decoy system,

    B. Butcher